Aart Jan was sworn in as a lawyer in 1996. After studying law at Utrecht University, he started  working as a law graduate and a lawyer at other firms. He has been working for Van Veen Advocaten since 2004 and been a partner since 2009. At the office, he focuses on labour law and insolvency law. For these legal areas, he successfully completed the Grotius Insolvency Law specialist study programme, the Erasmus study programme in Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers and the Grotius Labour Law specialist study programme.

In his practice, Aart Jan assists both employers and employees during complex labour disputes. He also acts as an insolvency practitioner and advises businesses that are in financial trouble.

Aart Jan is a highly competent and emphatic lawyer who truly listens to his client. He’s on the ball as soon as he knows more about the issue, mapping out cases like an analyst. Aart Jan often uses a tactical and diplomatic approach, which is characterised by finding a good solution for the dispute, thereby avoiding legal proceedings.

Specialist associations

Dutch Association of Insolvency Practitioners [Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten (INSOLAD)]
East Netherlands Employment Lawyers Association [Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Oost-Nederland (VAARA)]

Ancillary activities

Managing partner at the executive board of Van Veen Advocaten
Treasurer for Rudolphstichting
(New) chairperson Rotary Club Ede Kernhem


Modern history (20th century)