Kees is a legal omnivore. Besides being a lawyer, he is also a mediator, an arbitrator as well as a consultant. Together with Tjeerd van Veen, he forms the so-called VVA Experience Desk, where they use more than 75 years of legal experience to provide second opinions and strategic advice. Kees is the chairperson of the business law practice group at Van Veen Advocaten.

He assists shareholders, directors and SME clients with their problems, whether these involve (international) contracts, continuity issues, competitiveness, trade and domain names, brands or products. He successfully completed the specialist vocational training for ‘Benelux Brands and Design Attorneys’ and ‘Business Disputes’.

Kees is a lawyer through and through. He will look in all the nooks and crannies of the law to be proven right and he will not necessarily stay on the beaten track. Where others resign themselves to existing case law, he will go further, all or nothing, if necessary. He is sharp and practical and looks for openings that offer a solution for a case.


Benelux Association for Trademark and Design Law [Benelux vereniging Merken en Modellenrecht (BMM)]
Litigation Association [Vereniging voor Corporate Litigation (VCL)]
Competition Law Association [Vereniging voor Mededingingsrecht (VvM)]


Modern history (20th century)
Bike racing/multiple day cycling trips
Playing the guitar, dobro and mandolin in a Bluegrass band called Blueberry Blossom