Reny offers advice and litigates in the general law of obligations, IT and privacy. She specifically deals with legal issues relating to IT projects, licences, the processing and storage of personal data, data breaches and security breaches, unlawful publications, intellectual property and e-commerce. She also assists her clients in preventing and resolving IT issues and drafting and negotiating IT contracts.

Reny graduated from Maastricht University, where she gained two masters in Labour & Business and Commercial & Business Law. She then completed the ‘PREMIUM’ honours programme of the Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies (ICGI). Reny was sworn in as a lawyer in 2014 and has been affiliated with Van Veen Advocaten since 2017. In 2018, she completed the VIRA/Grotius specialist study programme in IT law with distinction.

Reny is a lawyer of enterprise who likes to fully immerse herself in all things ICT and privacy. By nature, she doesn’t think in terms of problems but in terms of commercial opportunities and that is infectious, which is why her clients see her not only as a lawyer with a legal knowledge of digitisation but also as a pleasant sparring partner. She will go to any length for her clients on the basis of her professional knowledge and personal commitment. Besides her legal advice, Reny can organise tailor-made, large-scale seminars, courses and in-house presentations in a way that is accessible to everyone.


Dutch Association of AI and Robotics Law [Nederlandse Vereniging voor AI- en Robotrecht]
Dutch Association for Computer Lawyers [Vereniging Informaticarecht Advocaten]
Privacy Law Association [Vereniging Privacy Recht].
Dutch Association for Information Technology and Law [Nederlandse Vereniging voor Informatietechnologie en Recht].
The Association for Intellectual Property (VIE) [Vereniging voor Intellectuele Eigendom/AIPPI Nederland]


Member of Jong Management Arnhem-Nijmegen
Member of VNO-NCW Midden


Interior design
Road trips
Playing golf (novice)