Bernhard is a lawyer and a partner. His practice focuses on property-related subjects.

Among other things, he is engaged in (drafting) building contracts, rental issues and in spatial planning such as amending zoning plans or obtaining an integrated environmental permit. Bernhard offers advice and litigates in liability issues such as hidden defects or disputes at an owner's association. He also assists his clients with the purchase and transfer of immovable property, including apartments and the associated apartment rights.

Tenancy law is an important part of his practice. Thanks to the specialist study programme in Tenancy Law of the Lawyers’ Rent Law Association [Vereniging van Huurrecht Advocaten], he has extensive expertise in this branch of law. 

Among other things, Bernhard advises investors, project developers and contractors. His clients also include landlords, tenants, business owners and housing corporations. Bernhard assists these clients during court proceedings or proceedings at the Court of Arbitration for the Building Industry [Raad van Arbitrage voor de Bouw].

Bernhard is a solid property lawyer with extensive knowledge of his specialist field. Resourcefulness is one of his key attributes. To him, there's no rule without an exception. Bernhard finds openings and opportunities and is not afraid to look for the limits of the law. ‘Tactical’ and ‘strategic’ are terms that typify him. Bernhard is extremely flexible when something unexpected occurs during proceedings and he is also very meticulous. He will get to the bottom of a case.


Lawyers’ Rent Law Association [Vereniging van Huurrecht Advocaten (VHA)]
Dutch Young Property Lawyers Association [Vereniging Jonge Onroerend Goed Juristen (VJOJ)]



Founder of JOwerv+


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