Hendrik has been a lawyer since 1997. In his practice, he mainly focuses on labour law and business law, with the emphasis on the strategic aspects of these branches of law. Among other things, he guides reorganisation processes and assesses contracts. Hendrik not only has an eye for the legal aspects, he never forgets the commercial and human aspects of an organisation. That’s why he's a sparring partner for many business owners.

Hendrik’s loyal clients include medium-sized to large businesses and (non-profit) organisations, including the educational sector.

Besides being a lawyer, Hendrik is also a member of the executive board of Van Veen Advocaten. As a managing partner, he is involved in the office policy and positioning, among other things. He also often acts as the spokesman of the firm.

Hendrik is the dedicated regular lawyer of many businesses and organisations. His clients appreciate his direct and accessible approach. He always aims for a long-term relationship with clients, with the human aspect being very important to him in that respect. Hendrik is able to put himself in the position of both his client and the other party. This enables him to judge the situation correctly and to set out a successful strategy on that basis. Thank to his manner, his calm demeanour and pluck, Hendrik can put the spotlight on something extremely well.

Ancillary activities

Managing partner of the executive board of Van Veen Advocaten

Interests Nature and portrait photography
Playing tennis