After completing her Law (civil law) and Tax Law studies, Winny started working as a lawyer for Van Veen Advocaten in 2013. From the start, Winny has focused on labour law and business law. Within labour law, her particular specialisms are pension law, social security law and employee participation law. In 2017, Winny completed the Grotius specialist study programme in labour law with distinction.

Winny supports employers and employees who have legal issues in the field of labour law. She likes to resolve complex issues and also offers advice and litigates about contracts (if required). Clients with issues relating to labour law and business law benefit from her background in taxes and economics. Her clients can be found in both the market and the public sectors. 

Winny is an extremely intelligent and expert lawyer. She dissects the case, as it were, and delivers a high-quality legal product. As a client, you can count on a thorough analysis of your case and spot-on arguments, if any. Winny has a wealth of ready knowledge, which means she can explain the situation to her clients fast.



East Netherlands Employment Lawyers Association [Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Oost-Nederland (VAARA)]
Dutch Employment Lawyers Association [Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN)]
Association for Privacy Law [Vereniging Privacy Recht (VPR)]
Association for Privacy Law Lawyers [Vereniging Privacyrecht Advocaten (VPR-A)]


Member of JCI Ede
Member of Jonge Ondernemers Sociëteit Barneveld (JOS)



Playing golf (novice)
Playing tennis (as a hobby but still wanting to win)
Travelling: Peru is high on her bucket list