Wiktoria helps shareholders, directors and entrepreneurs solve issues pertaining to corporate law and insolvency law. Wiktoria is an ambitious person: she successfully completed two degree programmes at Nijmegen’s Radboud University (Law and Economics). Because of this background in both law and economics, Wiktoria is perfectly placed to advise clients on organisational issues that have a legal component. She has useful linguistic skills, too, being able to communicate with yourself, your business partners and/or the counterparties in your case in Dutch, English and Polish.

Wiktoria knows all the ins and outs of the Dutch Confirmation of Out-of-Court Restructuring Plans Act (‘Wet Homologatie Onderhands Akkoord’, colloquially referred to as ‘WHOA’), and of shareholders’ rights and duties in an out-of-court restructuring procedure. As a result, she excels at advising clients about potential restructuring procedures in the event that a company experiences financial distress.  

Thinking in terms of solutions, that is what Wiktoria spends all her time doing. She only has one goal: obtaining a good result. Sometimes, issues of lesser importance have to take a back seat to that. Clients will find Wiktoria to be a straightforward legal expert with a realistic view of things. She is not afraid to tell clients (preferably in one-on-one meetings) what matters from a legal point of view. If you have a situation on your hands that needs to be defused, don’t hesitate to leave it to Wiktoria. She is a good analyst, good with numbers, and is not afraid to pore over law books so as to arrive at a professional recommendation or fool-proof contract.



Association for Young Insolvency Law Attorneys



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