Dominique studied law at Leiden University where she graduated with a Master’s in Civil Law. A long-cherished dream that has come true, as from a young age she had a clear goal in mind: to become a lawyer. 

Dominique is now part of the property and government practice group of Van Veen Advocaten. She focuses mainly on (civil) property law, handling tenancy law, construction law and other property-related matters. Advising estate agents and their clients on the purchase and sale of property forms an important component of her work. Dominique also reviews and drafts leases and tenancies. If you have any questions about terminating a lease or maximising a rent increase on a deregulated property, then Dominique is the right person. You have also come to the right place if there are defects in a rental property, such as the presence of mould. 

Dominique advises professional parties such as landlords, tenants, project developers, contractors and housing associations. She also assists private clients, those who are building their own house or who are dealing with a neighbour dispute such as a garden shed encroaching on their land, for example. 

Dominique is a lawyer with an open attitude towards her clients. You immediately notice that she is very approachable, making communication with her easy. That said, Dominique can also be straight talking when needed. She is very clear in expectation management. Without fuss, Dominique makes it clear to her clients which path they can take and what the actual consequences may be.

Board member JOwerv+


History and in particular Greek mythology